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Karol Szymanowski


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    Karol Szymanowski: Sechs Lieder op. 31 for orchestra
    Karol Szymanowski: Sechs Lieder op. 31 for orchestra
    On 15 April Sakari Oramo presents the first performance of the Sechs Lieder op. 31 by Karol Szymanow [...]

Karol Szymanowski
3. Symphonie

Work Details

Key: Bb major
Opus: op. 27
Year of composition: 1914-1916
Subtitle: Das Lied von der Nacht
Scored for: for tenor, mixed choir ad lib and orchestra
Composer: Karol Szymanowski
Text Author: Mawlana Dschalal-ad-din Rumi
Translator: Hans Bethge; Ann Czerniawska; Adam Czerniawski
Choir: SATB
Soloinstruments/Soloists: Tenor
Instrumentation: 4 4 5 4 - 6 4 4 1 - perc, pno, hp(2), cel, org, str
Instrumentation details: piccolo;1. flute;2. flute;3. flute;1. oboe;2. oboe;3. oboe;cor anglais;clarinet in Eb;1. clarinet in B;2. clarinet in B;3. clarinet in B;bass clarinet in B;1. bassoon;2. bassoon;3. bassoon;contrabassoon;1. horn in F;2. horn in F;3. horn in F;4. horn in F;5. horn in F;6. horn in F;1. trumpet in B;2. trumpet in B;3. trumpet in B;4. trumpet in B;1. trombone;2. trombone;3. trombone;4. trombone;tuba;perc;pno;1. harp;2. harp;celesta;organ;violin I;violin II;viola;violoncello;contrabass
Duration: 24′
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Audio Excerpt

3. Symphonie, B-Dur, op. 27

World Première

Location: London / Great Britain
Date: 26.11.1921
Orchestra: London SO
Conductor: Albert Coates

Work Introduction

Szymanowski based his 3rd Symphony on the eponymous poem by the Persian author and mystic Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi; perhaps one should read it before listening to the music. Even if not, it is clear that Szymanowski wondrously succeeded in setting the poem’s mysterious, sensuous, exotic atmosphere to music.

“Truth’s luminous wings satiate this night! Sleep not, my consort!” The tenor joins with a chorus which often sings only vocalises, while the violin repeatedly takes the lead in the orchestra.

Symphony No. 3 op. 27 on