Universal Edition - Alexander Zemlinsky – A Florentine Tragedy

Alexander Zemlinsky

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A Florentine Tragedy
29.04.2015, Paris (F)


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    String Quartet No. 2: “one of Zemlinsky's greatest and most radical achievements.”
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    Catherine Malfitano stages Zemlinsky
    Catherine Malfitano stages Zemlinsky
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    Alexander Zemlinsky: New Violin Concerto
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Alexander Zemlinsky
A Florentine Tragedy

Work Details

Opus: op. 16
Year of composition: 1916
Subtitle: Opera in 1 act
Composer: Alexander Zemlinsky
Edited by: Antony Beaumont
Text Source: "A Florentine Tragedy" von Oscar Wilde
Librettist: Max Meyerfeld
Translator: Edward Downes
Parts: Guido Bardi, tenor
Simone, baritone
Bianca, soprano
Instrumentation: 3 3 4 3 - 6 4 3 1 - timp, perc(2), hp, cel, mand, str
Instrumentation details: 1st flute; 2nd flute; 3rd flute; 1st oboe; 2nd oboe; 3rd oboe (+c.a); 1st clarinet in Bb (+cl(A)); 2nd clarinet in Bb (+cl(A)); 3rd clarinet in Bb (+cl(A); cl(Eb)); bass clarinet in Bb; 1st bassoon; 2nd bassoon; 3rd bassoon (+cbsn); 1st horn in F; 2nd horn in F; 3rd horn in F; 4th horn in F; 5th horn in F; 6th horn in F; 1st trumpet in C; 2nd trumpet in C; 3rd trumpet in C; 4th trumpet in C; 1st trombone; 2nd trombone; 3rd trombone; bass tuba; timpani; percussion (2 players): xylophone, glockenspiel, triangle, cymbals, tam-tam, tambourine, snare drum, bass drum, sleighbells; mandolin; celesta; harp; violin I; violin II; viola; violoncello; contrabass
Scenery: 1
Duration: 60′
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Audio Excerpt

Eine florentinische Tragödie, op. 16

World Première

Location: Königl. Theater Stuttgart / Germany
Date: 30.01.1917
Conductor: Max von Schillings

Work Introduction

One of the most outstanding operas of the first half of the 20th century can be seen again in its full glory: Alexander Zemlinsky’s gripping one-act Eine florentinische Tragödie, which the composer wrote in 1916 based on a drama by Oscar Wilde, has been subjected to years of critical revision by Antony Beaumont.

Starting with the original manuscript for the opera, Antony Beaumont has drawn on all existing sources to create the new critical edition, including the vocal distribution of the 1917 Prague production, which took place under the the composer himself. He compared the sources and removed technical errors, contradictions and inconsistencies. The many differences between the score and the piano reduction are clarified and discrepancies in the instrumentation, ignored by Zemlinsky in his re-workings of the piece, have been removed. Both score and parts have been reproduced in the highest quality. 

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