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David Sawer


  • David Sawer
    Bronze and Iron
    Bronze and Iron

    The world première of David Sawer’s Bronze and Iron takes place on 22 March in Glasgow.

  • David Sawer
    Trapped in the Lighthouse
    Trapped in the Lighthouse
    David Sawer’s The Lighthouse Keepers for two actors, ensemble and tape will be performed for the f [...]
  • 14.02.2013
    David Sawer: World première of Flesh and Blood
    David Sawer: World première of Flesh and Blood
    The world première of Flesh and Blood takes place on 15/2/2013 under Ilan Volkov. [...]



David Sawer

Work Details

Year of composition: 2009
Scored for: for soprano, bass clarinet, horn and violoncello
Composer: David Sawer
Text Source: 'Karawane' (1916) by Hugo Ball
Original Language: Deutsch
Soloinstruments/Soloists: soprano
Instrumentation details: bass clarinet; horn; violoncello
Commissioned by: commissioned by Jane Manning and Jane's Minstrels with the aid of funds provided by the PRS Foundation
Duration: 3′
Purchase information: Selected editions are available on sale on request.
Licensing: Licensing Request

World Première

Location: Purcell Room London / Great Britain
Date: 25.02.2010
Orchestra: Jane's Minstrels
Main Soloists: Jane Manning, soprano