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David Sawer

Future Performances

09.05.2015, Birmingham (GB)


  • David Sawer
    Bronze and Iron
    Bronze and Iron

    The world première of David Sawer’s Bronze and Iron takes place on 22 March in Glasgow.

  • David Sawer
    Trapped in the Lighthouse
    Trapped in the Lighthouse
    David Sawer’s The Lighthouse Keepers for two actors, ensemble and tape will be performed for the f [...]
  • 14.02.2013
    David Sawer: World première of Flesh and Blood
    David Sawer: World première of Flesh and Blood
    The world première of Flesh and Blood takes place on 15/2/2013 under Ilan Volkov. [...]



David Sawer

Work Details

Year of composition: 1986
Scored for: for chamber ensemble
Composer: David Sawer
Instrumentation: cl(2+bass-cl), tpt, tbn, hp, pno, vla(1), vc(1)
Instrumentation details: 1st clarinet in Bb (+bass cl(Bb)); 2nd clarinet in Bb (+bass cl (Bb)); trumpet in Bb; trombone; harp; piano; viola; violoncello
Commissioned by: Commissioned by MusICA
Duration: 25′
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Audio Excerpt


World Première

Location: ICA London / Great Britain
Date: 20.07.1986
Orchestra: Lontano
Conductor: Odaline de la Martinez

Work Introduction

The fantascope, a projector designed by E. G. Robertson (Paris 1798) brought the optical tricks of the magic lanterns to their most spectacular; his evenings of fantasmagoria shocked audiences with fantastic images of spirits and demons.

A simple device within the fantascope, called “l’oeil-de-chat”, hence my title, caused these images to appear and disappear: as the eye closed, the source of light was extinguished; as it opened, it was increased - this could happen both fast and slowly. The whole contraption was mounted on wheels, allowing the projected image to grow larger or smaller as it moved away from or towards the screen. I can imagine the thing was not averse to breaking down.”

David Sawer

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