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Darius Milhaud


  • 18.08.2014
    Pärt and Milhaud released on Brilliant Classics
    Pärt and Milhaud released on Brilliant Classics

    Many classical music listeners will be familiar with the name Darius Milhaud, but how familiar ar [...]


Darius Milhaud

The Composer

1892 – Darius Milhaud was born on 4th September in Aix-en-Provence into a merchant family.

1899 – takes first violin lessons.

1905 – first compositions.

1909 – begins his musical training under Paul Dukas (orchestra), André Gédalge (counterpoint), Charles Marie Widor (composition) and Vincent d´Indy (orchestra conducting) at the Paris Conservatoire.

1912 – meets the poet Paul Claudel with whom he has a life-long friendship and artistic co-operation

19171st Symphony for small orchestra op. 43.

1917/1918 – the composer accompanies the ambassador Paul Claudel to Rio de Janeiro as attaché. He gets acquainted with Brazilian folklore and popular music which have a [...]

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