Universal Edition - Glen Cortese – The Song of the Earth

Glen Cortese

Future Performances

The Song of the Earth
29.01.2015, Edinburgh (GB)
The Song of the Earth
30.01.2015, Glasgow (GB)
The Song of the Earth
09.04.2015, Joensuu (FIN)

Glen Cortese
The Song of the Earth

Work Details

Year of composition: 1908-1909
Year of arrangement: 2006
Subtitle: A Symphony
Scored for: for soli and chamber orchestra
Composer: Gustav Mahler
Arranger: Glen Cortese
Soloinstruments/Soloists: tenor; alto; baritone
Instrumentation: 2 2 2 2 - 2 2 2 0 - timp, perc(2), hp, cel, str
Instrumentation details: 1st flute; 2nd flute (+picc); 1st oboe; 2nd oboe (+c.a); 1st clarinet in Bb ; 2nd clarinet in Bb (+cl(Eb)); 1st bassoon; 2nd bassoon (+cbsn); 1st horn in F; 2nd horn in F; 1st trumpet in C; 2nd trumpet in C; 1st trombone; 2nd trombone; timpani; 1st percussion (glockenspiel, triangle, cymbal, tambourine); 2nd percussion (triangle, cymbal, tam-tam, bass drum); celesta; harp; violin I; violin II; viola; violoncello; contrabass
Duration: 60′
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