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David Sawer


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David Sawer
Food of Love

Work Details

Year of composition: 1988
Scored for: for actress and piano
Composer: David Sawer
Text Author: Nick Dear
Commissioned by: Commissioned by the Almeida Festival
Duration: 20′
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World Première

Location: Almeida Theatre London / Great Britain
Date: 14.06.1988
Main Soloists: Celia Gore Booth (actress), Shelagh Sutherland (piano)

Work Introduction

This piece for actress and piano is an experimental collaboration with the playwright, Nick Dear, creating a simple exploration with music of an original dramatic text.

As a foretaste of the work, the following quotation is given:


“The Miller and the Brook
The Brook:
And when love frees itself from grief 
A star, a new one, will shine in the heavens;
And three roses, half red, half white, 
That never will wither, will spring from the thorns.
And the angels will cut off their wings 
And every dawn descend down to earth.”

From Schubert’s songs cycle “Die Schöne Müllerin” D 795

Text by Wilhelm Müller

David Sawer