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Georg Friedrich Haas

Georg Friedrich Haas

The Composer

Georg Friedrich Haas was born in 1953 in Graz, a city in the east of Austria. His childhood was spent in the mountainous province of Vorarlberg, on the Swiss border. The landscape and the atmosphere of the place have left a lasting impression on his personality.

The atmosphere was marked not so much by natural beauty in the accepted sense of the word. Rather, Haas experienced the mountains as a menace; he felt closed in by the narrow valley where the sun rarely penetrated. Nature for him represented a dark force.

The composer adds: “Just as important for me was the experience of being an outsider: unlike my younger siblings, I never learned to speak the local Alemannic dialect. Also, I ...


About the Music

Harmony of Futility

The latest music of Georg Friedrich Haas

If there is anything that can be viewed as the essence of his music, then it is experimentation with sound: Georg Friedrich Haas, who was born in 1953 in Graz and has quietly risen to become one of the most important Austrian composers internationally, always felt severely limited by the sonic and harmonic possibilities of the established system of equal temperament. Notes shaded by startling microtonal deviations, such as in his ensemble piece Nacht-Schatten (1991) or in his Hölderlin-based chamber opera Nacht (1995-96), have therefore been determining factors in his compositions since the beginning of his career. Intensive ...



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