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Leoš Janáček

The Composer

1854Leoš Janáček is born on 3rd July in Hukvaldy, Moravia.

1869 – Finishes school and begins to attend the Brno Teacher Training Institute.

1872 – Begins teaching, and becomes the choirmaster at the monastery where he was a chorister.

1874 – Becomes a fully qualified teacher and attends the Prague Organ School.

1877 – First piece, Exaudi, choral piece for mixed voices published.

1881 – Marries Zdenka Schulzová and is appointed the founding director of the Brno Organ School.

1882 – Daughter, Olga, born but soon afterwards separates from his wife. Begins teaching at Brno Beseda, and at the Organ School.

1884 – Janáček returns to his wife. Hudební listy is ...


About the Music

Read Max Brod's obituary of Leoš Janáček.

Born in 1854 in North-Eastern Moravia, Leoš Janáček had an extraordinary life, marked by tragedies in his family, inspired in his late work by his love for a married woman and encouraged by success which did not come his way until his sixties.

He lost both his children: his son Vladimír at the age of two and his daughter Olga at twenty-one. His wife Zdenka tried to kill herself.

At 63, Janáček met Kamila Stösslová, a married woman and mother of two children, several decades younger than himself, and fell in love with her. It was an emotional upheaval which found expression in a range of mature works as well as in 650 letters. In one ...


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26.07.2017, Worcester (GB), Philharmonia Orchestra

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Katya Kabanova
28.07.2017, London (GB), City of London Sinfonia

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28.07.2017, Wellington (NZ),

The Adventures of Vixen Sharp Ears; The Cunning Little Vixen
29.07.2017, Wellington (NZ),

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