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Pli selon pli
03.02.2015, Paris (F)
05.02.2015, Edinburgh (GB)
06.02.2015, Glasgow (GB)
Rituel in memoriam Bruno Maderna
18.02.2015, Sydney (AUS)
19.02.2015, Tokyo (J)


  • 20.01.2015
    “That's what you do for someone you love”
    “That's what you do for someone you love”

    “That the orchestra accomplished so much in a single weekend […] is astonishing. Then again, [...]

  • 15.01.2015
    Pierre Boulez, The Cleveland Orchestra: 90th Birthday Salute
    Pierre Boulez, The Cleveland Orchestra: 90th Birthday Salute

    On 15 January, the Cleveland Orchestra presents a special musical celebration to salute Pierre Bo [...]

  • 19.12.2014
    Boulez to receive a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
    Boulez to receive a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Recording Academy has announced its Special Merit Awards recipients: among this year’s hono [...]

  • 05.12.2014
    Boulez in Ojai
    Boulez in Ojai

    The west coast première of A Pierre Dream will be performed at the Ojai Festival by mezzo-sopran [...]

  • 06.11.2014
    Yejin Gil plays Boulez
    Yejin Gil plays Boulez

    On 4 November Yejin Gil, artist in residence at the Impuls Festival, performed a solo recital, pr [...]

  • Pierre Boulez
    Pierre Boulez Interview
    Pierre Boulez Interview

    For the first issue of our new newsletter Musikblätter, Pierre Boulez spoke to Universal Edition [...]

  • 21.08.2014
    Taka Kigawa performs Boulez’ Complete Solo Piano Music
    Taka Kigawa performs Boulez’ Complete Solo Piano Music

    In honour of Pierre Boulez’ 90th birthday next year, the internationally acclaimed pianist Taka [...]

  • 16.07.2014
    Boulez’ Pierrot lunaire reissued on CD
    Boulez’ Pierrot lunaire reissued on CD

    Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot lunaire, conducted by Pierre Boulez with Helga Pilarczyk as Sprechs [...]

  • 15.04.2014
    Taka Kigawa honours Pierre Boulez
    Taka Kigawa honours Pierre Boulez

    The highly acclaimed pianist Taka Kigawa will [...]

  • Pierre Boulez (c) Universal Edition, Eric Marinitsch
    Pierre Boulez receives the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement
    Pierre Boulez receives the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement
    On 4 October the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement will be awarded to Pierre Boulez during the 56 [...]
  • Pierre Boulez
    Pierre Boulez - Tombeau
    Pierre Boulez - Tombeau
    Boulez' Tombeau is now available in a facsimile edition, including all manuscript versions and corre [...]

Pierre Boulez


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Born in Montbrison/Loire on 26 March 1925, Pierre Boulez is a composer, conductor, thinker, a motor of international musical life, an emblematic figure in post-war European, indeed, world culture.

A living classic. Ever since the 1950’s, composers around the world have followed with curiosity what he was writing, to see if they could adapt his ideas in their own music or to reject them in their search for an idiom they could call their own. In 1957, György Kurtág arrived in Paris with the goal to compose something he could show to Boulez (in the end, he left without a work worthy of being presented). The music the French composer has written ever since the late 1940’s was a conscious act of rebellion against tradition as represented by Schönberg or Stravinsky but also his teacher, Messiaen, whose influence has nevertheless left its mark on Boulez’s music.

In his compositions but also in his writings, Boulez was initially an angry and rebellious young man (see his scathing obituary Schönberg est mort). With the passage of time as he became an established figure, with France inviting him back to found IRCAM and the Ensemble Intercontemporain and his career as a conductor also taking off, there has probably been less to rebel against and Boulez has mellowed and broadened his horizons to conduct a wide range of repertoire including Bruckner and Mahler.

Boulez has also been a highly influential teacher, beginning in Darmstadt in the 1950s and continuing right up to the present, primarily in Lucerne where he passes on his immense knowledge to fledgling conductors at the Festival Academy.

New compositions emerge and become straight away an integral part of the repertoire. It is as if orchestras and ensembles could not wait for a new work to leave his desk: after the premiere, a Boulez novelty is taken up – snatched up – by performing bodies all over the world. Boulez – a living classic.

1925 – born on 26 March in Montbrison, Loire, France
receives first piano lessons; attends high school in Montbrison, later in Saint Étienne

1941 – takes prepartory mathematics courses in Lyon for the entrance examination of the École Polytechnique in Paris

1942 – decides to pursue a profession in music; moves to Paris

1944 – participates in Olivier Messiaen’s harmony class at the Paris Conservatory

1945 – takes lessons in counterpoint with Andrée Vaurabourg-Honegger, in composition with Messiaen, and in twelvetone technique with René Leibowitz

1946–1955 – responsible for stage music at the Renaud/Barrault Theatre Company

From 1950 – compositions performed in Paris and in Donaueschingen

1954 – founds the "Concerts du Petit-Marigny" under the patronage of the Renaud/Barrault Company, renamed "Domaine Musical" in 1955

1955–1960 – gives analysis courses at the International Summer Courses in Darmstadt

1955Le Marteau sans Maître première conducted by Hans Rosbaud in Baden-Baden

1957 – performs his Troisiéme Sonata for piano in Darmstadt

1958 – première in Hamburg of two Improvisations sur Mallarmé; together with Improvisation III, Tombeau and Don they comprise the orchestra work Pli selon pli - Portrait de Mallarmé, completed in 1962

From 1960 – gives analysis and composition courses in Basel

1963 – guest professorship at Harvard University; increased conducting activit

1966 – first conducts in Bayreuth (Parsifal); conducts Tristan and Isolde in Japan

1967–1972 – regularly conducts the Cleveland Orchestra; Gilbert Amy takes over leadership of the Domaine Musical concert series

1969–1975 – principle conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra

1970–1977 – principle conductor New York Philharmonic Orchestra;
plans the IRCAM in Paris

1976 – founds the "ensemble intercontemporain" in Paris
conducts Wagner’s Ring cycle in Bayreuth directed by Patrice Chéreau (till 1980)

1977 – IRCAM opens its doors, which Boulez directs until 1991

1979 – première at the Paris Opera of Alban Berg's Lulu as completed by Friedrich Cerha; Ernst von Siemens Music Prize

1980 – French National Award of Merit

1989 – Ring of Honor of the City of Vienna

1991 – honarary doctorate from the University of Frankfurt

1992 – Theodor W. Adorno Prize of the City of Frankfurt

1996 – Ring of Honor of the City of Vienna

1997 – world premiere of Anthèmes 2 at Donaueschingen

1998 – Honorary Doctorate from Connecticut College;
world premiere of sur Incises in Edinburgh

1999 – world premiere of Notations VII in Chicago

2000 – Numerous concerts throughout the world in honor of his 75th birthday (London, New York, Paris, Vienna);
Winner of the 2000 Grammy Award Category "Classical Contemporary Composition" for Répons;
Israeli Wolf Prize for the Arts

2001 – Wilhelm Pitz Prize of the City of Bayreuth

2002 – Composer-in-residence at the Lucerne Festival
World Première of Dérive 2 with Ensemble Intercontemporain on 14 September in Lucerne

2004 – Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival Academy (until 2007)

2009 – receives 2009 Kyoto Prize his lifetime achievements

2011 – receives Giga-Hertz-Award for electronic music

2012 - awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement of the Venice Biennale

2013 – receives the Frontiers of Knowledge Award of the BBVA in the Contemporary Music category
honoured with the Cleveland Orchestra Distinguished Service Award