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Jay Schwartz: Music for Saxophone and Piano

Posted on 30 Oktober 2011

Jay SchwartzWe’ve just published an early work by Jay Schwartz: Music for Saxophone and Piano.

Thomas Snydacker and Liz Ames perform the piece tonight at the Arizona State University.

The piece was written for the saxophonist Harry Kinrose White, who will also be performing the work in Zurich this autumn. More details in our performance calendar.

Jay Schwartz Music for Autosonic Gongs

Posted on 01 September 2011

This fascinating new video introduces Jay Schwartz’ unique Music for Autosonic Gongs. Sit back and enjoy the mesmerising sounds.

View on YouTube

Jay Schwartz: Music for Autosonic Gongs

Posted on 20 Juli 2011

Back in the olden days (2007!), when we had our first video camera, we recorded an interview with Jay Schwartz talking about his Music for Autosonic Gongs, in which he explains how they work.

Here’s an overview of works by Jay Schwartz

Jay Schwartz’ Narcissus & Echo at the Salzburg Biennale

Posted on 11 März 2011

Jay SchwartzJay Schwartz’ chamber opera Narcissus & Echo receives its Austrian première this Saturday at the Salzburg Biennale.

The work is scored for counter-tenor, viola, percussion and organ. The composer is leading this performance from the organ, joined by Charles Maxwell (counter-tenor), Werner Dickel (viola), Sebastian Hausl and Adrian Schmid (percussion). Stage direction is by Tilman Hecker.

More information on the work, including an audio excerpt, is here.

The next performance of Narcissus & Echo is the Spanish première on 23 March at the Teatros del Canal, as part of Operadhoy.

Update 14.03.2011

German reviews from the Salzburg production:

Magie von Klang und Raum (Das Werk „gelingt durch ungewöhnliche Besetzung und Raumklangwirkungen von magischer Eindringlichkeit.“ Karl Harb, Salzburger Nachrichten)
Narcissus & Echo (Tiroler Tageszeitung)
Wandertag für einen Countertenor (Reinhard Kriechbaum, DrehPunktKultur)