Universal Edition - B-A-Cer-Ha: organ music by Cerha and Bach

B-A-Cer-Ha: organ music by Cerha and Bach

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 16 April 2015

Wolfgang Kogert (c) Amelie Schillhuber

For me, the organ music by Friedrich Cerha and Johann Sebastian Bach is congenial. They are characterized by timeless features such as clarity, vitality, thinking in counterpoint, the economy of the compositional means and a pronounced sense of proportions. (Wolfgang Kogert)

B-A-Cer-Ha: organ music by Cerha and BachOn 18 April Wolfgang Kogert, organist of the Wiener Hofburgkapelle, presents his brand new recording “B-A-Cer-Ha” at the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.

On the CD, Kogert juxtaposes Cerha’s Neun Inventionen and Neun Präludien with pieces by Bach.

A live stream of the evening from the RadioKulturhaus will be available on 18 April at 19:30. Listen live.


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