Universal Edition - Baltakas: Rehearsals for Cantio in Berlin

Baltakas: Rehearsals for Cantio in Berlin

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 29 November 2012

Cantio (c) Vykintas Baltakas

Vykintas Baltakas is right in the middle of the rehearsals for the January performances of Cantio in Berlin, and he let us know how he feels about them:

I’ve just returned from the rehearsals of the new production of my music theatre Cantio. The rehearsals are going great, the team is very professional and will be working on a daily basis in the following month. The new Berlin production of Cantio is not a simple repetition of the initial piece. The main text and the musical score are fixed, but there is an additional open layer, which can be interpreted in many different ways for instance by an actor or in combination with other media such as dance, film, sounds, etc. In this way each new production is given enough space for creativity and experiments. Sharon Joyce’s original text was translated by Erika Ria Otto, which is why the narrator will now be speaking in German, thus giving the work a new perspective. As you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to the premiere.

Vykintas Baltakas

Find out more about Cantio on the composer's homepage.

Texts on Cantio.

for narrator, soprano, tenor, bassbaritone, ensemble and electronics
world première of the new version, 17|19|20/1/2013, Berlin
Margret Giglinger, s; Florian Feth, t; Tobias Hagge, b; Lithuanian Ensemble Network


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