Universal Edition - Ground Breakers with Staud and Berio at the Stuttgart Ballet

Ground Breakers with Staud and Berio at the Stuttgart Ballet

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 14 November 2013

Heather MacIsaac und Pablo von Sternenfels in workwithinwork (Choreographie: William Forsythe), Foto: Stuttgarter BallettToday, 14 November, is the third chance to see the Stuttgart Ballet’s current production FORT//SCHRITT//MACHER [Ground Breakers], featuring three abstract ballets by three pioneering choreographers.

Marijn Rademaker und Magdalena Dziegielewska in On Velvet (Choreographie: Marco Goecke), Foto: Stuttgarter BallettOn the programme: workwithinwork by William Forsythe (music: Luciano Berio: Duetti per due Violini), Marco Goecke’s on velvet, with music from Edward Elgar and Johannes Maria Staud’s Segue, and the Frank Bridge Variations by Hans van Manen (music: Benjamin Britten: Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge).

Further performances will take place on 1, 7, 8, 10, 15 and 18 December.

An teaser for the performance is available on the homepage of the Stuttgart Ballet.

Staud on Segue:

“When you tell people you’re working at the moment on a piece for cello often you find yourself being asked: ‘Ah, so you mean a cello concerto?’ No, I always answer – not a cello concerto! A music for cello and orchestra.

Perhaps, in the beginning, I coined this expression just as an aid for myself. Naturally I might also have called the work Piece for Cello and Orchestra – or quite simply Cello and Orchestra, as for example Morton Feldman did. Or I could have decided on retro-modern titles like Confrontation, Constellation, …(con)cert(are), or even chosen the totally post-modern Symphonic Sketches for Violoncello and Orchestra.

Read more and listen to an excerpt.


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