Universal Edition - Happy Birthday Emilio Pomàrico

Happy Birthday Emilio Pomàrico

Posted on 15 Juni 2012 (Kommentare: 2)

Played by Emilio

Happy Birthday Emilio Pomàrico! (17 June)

UE says a huge thank you for 163 performances of 83 works, for 13 world premières, for the Bach, the Berg, Berio, Boulez, Burt, Cerha, Feldman, Haas, Haubenstock-Ramati, Janácek, Kurtág, Mahler, Rihm, Schönberg, Schreker, Schubert, Sotelo, Staud, Stockhausen, Szymanowski and the Webern.

And for all the concerts still to come.


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Kommentar von Didier DEBRIL | 2012-06-21

Great blog, great site.But I'm very angry. I bought Répons of Pierre Boulez to 247.60 euros. I just got the score, and it is illegible. I am even more surprised that I had ordered Antheme 2 (with the electronic device) by Pierre Boulez and where print quality is superb and flawless. The price 102.95 euros, and I relied on that partition - superb - to buy Répons. But what a disappointment when I opened and found the impression of Répons. This is totally unreadable, it's not printing, it is a photocopy or scan set wrong ...
I thought your "house" was glamorous. Well no. And to be clear, I do not understand how one can send a customer a partition in such a state. This is unacceptable for a company that has your reputation.
Sorry for my bad english.

Kommentar von Jonathan Irons | 2012-06-25

Dear Didier,

allow me to apologise for the error. Something has obviously gone wrong here, as it is certainly not our policy to sell badly-printed scores.

I will contact you directly at the email you provided in order to resolve the problem.

Best wishes