Universal Edition - Happy Birthday Mauricio Sotelo

Happy Birthday Mauricio Sotelo

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 02 Oktober 2013

Mauricio Sotelo (c) Gemma RomeroHappy Birthday Mauricio Sotelo!

Find out more about the composer and listen to his music.

José Angel Valente on Sotelo:

Which act is the more artistic: the remembrance of music long since heard? Or the dream of music that has never sounded? Little does it matter, for in his music Mauricio Sotelo does both. “The infiniteness of the universe is the infiniteness of God. Man is inspired by the infinity of worlds and suns. Only thus can man approach perception of the Godly. And that perception is a journey on which memory is our guide.”

Watch the full performance of Sotelo’s Luz sobre lienzo:


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