Universal Edition - Nikolai Badinski in Xiamen

Nikolai Badinski in Xiamen

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 07 April 2014

Nikolai Badinski, Zhi-Jong Wang, Renchang Fu and the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra (c) Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra
In March 2014, the Xiamen University – which, with more than 40.000 students, is one of China’s most important universities and of international renown – invited Nikolai Badinski to present his music and give lectures in the frame of the prestigious „Nanqiang” Lectures of Excellence. Furthermore, the composer was honoured with the badge of honour of the Xiamen University.

Nikolai Badinski on the world première of his Violin Concerto No. 2:

Zhi-Jong Wang, Nikolai Badinski and Renchang Fu With the successful and convincing realisation of the 42 years delayed world première of my lost Violin Concerto No. 2 – performed by the Shanghai violinist Zhi-Jong Wang  and the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra under Renchang Fu – the young and extremely gifted soloist Zhi-Jong Wang has categorically confirmed a prediction that I made one year ago – that she is a star of tomorrow. Only that she already plays like a star.


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