Universal Edition - Rihm’s Song Cycles available again

Rihm’s Song Cycles available again

Posted on 19 Juli 2011 (Kommentare: 1)

Rihm 3 Liederzyklencol-legno’s 2003 CD with Christoph Prégardien and Siegfried Mauser, 3 Liederzyklen, is available again. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung celebrates the rerelease of this “brilliant recording”.

The CD contains:

Ende der Handschrift. 11 späte Gedichte von Heiner Müller
Nebendraußen. 8 Gedichte von Hermann Lenz

Rilke: 4 Gedichte

Order online at col legno

Listen to an excerpt of Nature morte, from Ende der Handschrift

Listen on SoundCloud


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Kommentar von Bruce Seidel | 2011-11-20

This CD - three lieder cycles - comes without a printed text of the poems! If you don't have the text, Pregardien may as well be whistling as singing. There is nothing in German, as well as the absence of an English translation. I've been trying to hunt down translations - poem by poem - but have thus far not been very successful. And thus far Col Legno has ignored my request for any source for the text in translation.

Does anyone know where the translated text for these lieder may be found?