Universal Edition - Sawer’s Flesh and Blood “reminiscent of Britten at his most inspired”

Sawer’s Flesh and Blood “reminiscent of Britten at his most inspired”

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 18 September 2013

Flesh and Blood, world prem. (c) Universal Edition, Sarah Laila Standke

Paul Conway reviewed this spring’s world première of David Sawer’s Flesh and Blood in the latest issue of the Tempo journal. Ilan Volkov conducted the BBC Symphony Orchestra, with mezzo-soprano Christina Rica and baritone Marcus Farnsworth.

Sawer’s vocal writing was assured and character-driven […] It is a measure of his achievement that the eloquent and vivid treatment of certain key words such as ‘clung’ and ‘fret’ were reminiscent of Britten at his most inspired. […] Flesh and Blood was a darkly dramatic work in which David Sawer impressed by his innate sense of drama and his refreshingly unhackneyed approach to instrumentation. I hope this passionate and directly communicative score will soon be set down in a recording studio so that its many felicities may be more readily appreciated on CD.

Tempo, vol. 67/265, July 2013, Paul Conway

View the full vocal score of Flesh and Blood.


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