Universal Edition - Othmar Schoeck's Notturno in Vienna

Othmar Schoeck's Notturno in Vienna

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 25 Februar 2013

Eröd, Adrian (c) Nikolaus Karlinský; Aron Quartett(c) Julia Wesely

Adrian Eröd and the Aron Quartett will play Othmar Schoeck's Notturno on 26 February 2013 at the Musikverein in Vienna. Furthermore, Alexander Zemlinsky’s String Quartet No. 4 and Hugo Wolf’s Italian Serenade will be performed.

In his 45-minute work, the Swiss composer set to music poems of mourning, loneliness and despair by Nikolaus Lenau, as well as a fragment by Gottfried Keller. Schoeck chose the title Notturno for a reason: it matches the dark underlying character of the music, which expresses the pain, the lamentation and the resignation of the narrator in a late-romantic style.


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