Universal Edition - Adam’s Passion on ARTE

Adam’s Passion on ARTE

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 25 September 2015

Adam’s Passion (c) Kristian Kruuser and Kaupo Kikkas

ARTE will broadcast Adam’s Passion this Sunday, 27 September 2015. The joint piece of Arvo Pärt and Robert Wilson premièred earlier this year, on 12 May at the Noblessner Foundry in Tallinn.

Before Adam’s Passion, the The Lost Paradise will be shown, a 55-minute documentary that focuses on the preparation process of the piece. At the same time, The Lost Paradise offers a profound and intimate insight into Arvo Pärt’s world, following his life in Estonia and on business trips to Vatican and Japan over more than a year.

The broadcast starts at 23:25 CET/CEST.

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