Universal Edition - Braunfels’ The Birds in Osnabrück: “outstanding”

Braunfels’ The Birds in Osnabrück: “outstanding”

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 24 June 2014

vorne: Susann Vent (Zaunschlüpfer), Johannes Schwärsky (Prometheus), Almerija Delic (Drossel); hinten: Heikki Kilpeläinen (Ratefreund), Genadijus Bergorulko (Adler), Chor, Theater Osnabrück (c) Jörg Landsberg

“One of the world’s most outstanding musical theatre productions on the stage of the Theater Osnabrück” (Ralf Döring, Neue OZ, 22.06.2014)

“Too bad that the production will only be running for such a short period of time.” (Christoph Schulte im Walde, nmz online, 23.06.2014)

Yona Kim’s new production of Walter Braunfels’ The Birds [Die Vögel] was premièred on 21 June at the Theater Osnabrück, read the full (German) reviews by clicking the corresponding links above.

The “lyrical, fantastical game in two acts” will be running until 11 July.

Walter Braunfels: The Birds
a lyrical, fantastical game in 2 acts | 120'
24. and 26.06.2014; 04., 06., and 11.07.2014, Theater, Osnabrück; Johannes Schwärsky, Prometheus; Daniel Moon, Wiedehopf; Marie-Christine Haase, Nightingale; Osnabrücker Symphonieorchester, cond. Andreas Hotz

Daniel Moon, Wiedehopf, Theater Osnabrück (c) Jörg Landsberg

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