Universal Edition - Friedrich Cerha and Martin Grubinger

Friedrich Cerha and Martin Grubinger

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 07 August 2013 (comments: 2)

Newsletter: Friedrich Cerha, Martin GrubingerWe just sent out our latest newsletter focusing on Martin Grubinger and Friedrich Cerha and his Étoile and Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra.

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Comment by James | 2013-08-10

This study score is a wonderful resource, thank you for making it available. It is a shame that there is no better review to quote than the one cited; last weekend's performance at the Felsenreitschule was indeed a special experience, but here that experience finds itself only dimly reflected in a lazy review which for the most part has been incompetently copied from the program notes and written in an English which might have profitably been edited before publication. Readers ought also to be aware that this review site's editorial policy of only publishing positive or mixed reviews, and of suppressing negative reviews (as the site euphemistically puts it, "we prefer to remain discreetly silent" -, is at odds with what they may otherwise encounter in professional music criticism; and that given this positivity bias (buried within a page for new reviewers rather than stated, as it should be, as a caveat on its reviews page), Bachtrack cannot be trusted to provide a candid write-up of any given concert. The many, many reviews on this site which fail to offer informed critical analysis but rather simply gush, and often embarrassingly so, is sadly reflective of the effective assurance given to promoters (which in many cases overlap with the site's advertisers) that only positive or mixed reviews will be published, no matter how poor a performance may be.

Comment by Johannes Feigl | 2013-08-22

Dear James,

Thank you for your comment - and you are welcome for the study scores, we are happy that we can offer them.

I understand you critique - for our German version of the newsletter, we had access to much more detailed reviews. However, as you point out, there was no alternative to quote from.

All the best,