Universal Edition - The “new” in the New Music Dublin festival?

The “new” in the New Music Dublin festival?

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 13 March 2014

Harrison Birtwistle (c) Marion KalterHere is the Irish Times’ take on last week’s New Music Dublin Festival, which took place at the National Concert Hall. The festival was attended by Harrison Birtwistle, who was on stage for a pre-performance discussion and gave a public interview.

On the programme were, among other works, Georg Friedrich Haas’ String Quartet No. 1 and “In iij. Noct.”,and Birtwistle’s Earth Dances.

Read the full article on the Irish Times.

Another review of the festival ist available on Golden Plec: “The [Arditti Quartet’s] performances are beyond belief, with a scintillating sound and commitment to the music” - congratulations!


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