Universal Edition - World première of Schönberg's Chamber Symphony op. 9 for orchestra

World première of Schönberg's Chamber Symphony op. 9 for orchestra

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 29 October 2012 (comments: 2)

Composed in 1906, the Chamber Symphony op. 9 for 15 solo instruments represents a point of culmination in Arnold Schönberg’s artistic development. The reasons that motivated Schönberg as early as 1914 to arrange this Chamber Symphony for orchestra were not only related to practical performance aspects, however (enabling performance at larger concert halls), but were also connected to the fundamental problem that originated quasi-intrinsically from its hybrid position between orchestral and chamber music. The orchestral version from 1914 was never published and is now available for the first time as completely new orchestral material. A later orchestral version, which is further from the original, was produced by Schönberg when he was already in American exile.

The world première of the Chamber Symphony op. 9 for orchestra will take place on 1 November 2012, followed by performances on the 2 and 3. Philippe Jordan conducts the Münchner Philharmoniker.

Chamber Symphony No. 1, op. 9
for orchestra | 22’
prem. 01/11/2012, Munich; Münchner Philharmoniker, cond. Philippe Jordan

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Comment by Felix Thorne | 2012-10-29

Try also the 1960's Boulez recording....

Comment by Johannes Feigl | 2012-10-29

Thanks for the recommendation - I'm only familiar with Boulez' recording with the Ensemble InterContemporain at ircam, which is very nice too.

With regards,
Johannes Feigl / Universal Edition