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David Lumsdaine

David Lumsdaine

The Composer

David Lumsdaine was born in Sydney in 1931 and was educated at the University of Sydney and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Like so many of his generation he heard London’s call and in 1953 relocated to further his career as a composer. Intellectually curious and single‑minded, he quickly established himself in London within a circle of like‑minded people, notably the Australian poet Peter Porter, with whom he collaborated extensively in the ensuing decade.

Initial studies with Máytás Seiber honed his technique. Subsequent study with Lennox Berkeley took him to the Royal Academy of Music, where by the mid-1960s he was teaching composition and had set up the Manson Room. ...



“Comparisons, we know, smell bad, and seem particularly inappropriate in the case of such a loner as David Lumsdaine, whose works, scarce and wonderful and in many ways quite unlike each other, have come out of a solitary journey. But maybe a connection could be drawn with the music of Charles Ives, at a level below style. Lumsdaine is a more sophisticated artist, but there is a guilelessness that seems familiar, if perhaps only because it is so rare: both mean what they write, without compromises or excuses or inhibitions. And Lumsdaine, like Ives, feels landscape and history as close as the end of his pen, with the difference that the landscape and history and those of his ...


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