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Friedrich Cerha

Friedrich Cerha

The Composer

1926 – Born in Vienna on 17 February.

1933 – Violin instruction with Anton Pejhovsky.

1935 – First attempts at composition.

1936 – Attends the Realgymnasium in Vienna's 17th district.

1939 – Instruction in counterpoint and harmony.

1943 – Drafted as Luftwaffe support personnel and sent to Achau near Vienna.

1944 – Entrance into the German military; training at an officers' academy in Denmark.

1945 – Desertion during a transport to Germany; contact to the Danish and German resistance efforts; travel by foot to Tirol. Works there as cabin keeper and mountain guide. Return to Vienna in November.

1946 – Student at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna: Violin ...


About the Music

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His Works

After the end of World War 2, Cerha focused on concertizing and teaching the then dominant neo-classicism (his Divertimento of 1948 represents homage to Stravinsky). Later, he took as starting points the works of Anton Webern, and from 1956 serial techniques of the avantgarde, developing his own style with such pieces as Relazioni fragili, Espressioni fondamentali, Intersecazioni. With works such as Mouvements, Fasce and his Spiegel cycle (1960-61) he created his own language of sound free from traditional schemata. Despite apparent similarities with works written at the same ...


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