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Gottfried von Einem

Gottfried von Einem

The Composer

1918 – Gottfried von Einem was born on 24th January 1918 in Bern, son of the Austrian military attaché William von Einem and Gerta Louise, from the house Baron Rieß von Scheurnschloß. (His biological father was Graf Laszlo Hunyady.)

1922 – Move to Malente in Schleswig-Holstein.

1928–1937 – attends secondary school in Plön and Ratzeburg. Matriculation in Germany and then in Austria by passing additional exams.

1937 – military service in Vienna – dismissed after 14 days due to incapacity. Répétiteur at the Berlin Opera.

1938 – Assistant under Heinz Tietjens at the Bayreuth Festival.

Ab 1941 – studies composition with Boris Blacher who becomes a close friend of Einem. ...


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