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Henri Pousseur

Henri Pousseur

The Composer

Henri Pousseur was born in Malmédy (Belgium) on 23 June 1929. He studied music at the Conservatoire de Liège and Bruxelles from 1947 to 1953, but considers himself to be mainly self-taught, i.e., student of all musical styles. From 1950 he was active in the international avant-garde music scene (dodecaphonic, serial, electronic, aleatoric music), side by side with Boulez, Stockhausen, Berio, and others. In 1954 he married Théa Schoonbrood with whom he had four children: Isabelle (1957), Denis (1958), Marianne (1961) and Hélène (1965).

From 1960 Pousseur took an independent artistic stance "refusing the refusal" of historical experience (a stance referred to by some as "tabula ...


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