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Jay Schwartz

Jay Schwartz

The Composer

Jay Schwartz was born in San Diego, California in 1965 and studied music at Arizona State University. After completing his degree in 1989 he pursued an advanced degree in musicology at the University of Tübingen, Germany. From 1992 to 1995 he worked as assistant Composer in Residence for incidental music at the Stuttgart State Theater.

Renowned orchestras and ensembles throughout Europe have commissioned and performed his works, including the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale RAI (Italian National Orchestra), the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt, the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, the Estonian National ...


About the Music

Jay Schwartz WergoJay Schwartz's Music for Orchestra, Music for Six Voices, Music for 12 Cellos and Music for Five Stringed Instruments are now available on CD on the Wergo label, as part of the Deutscher Musikrat's series “Edition Zeitgenössischer Musik”.

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Jay Schwartz's compositions employ aspects of the physics of sound and utilize tonality in the context of the physics of organic harmony, making use of the overtone spectrum, microtonality, and glissandi in a poetic context with a captivating sensuous drawing power and an unabashed emotional disposition.

Schwartz integrates these acoustical events in a clear, deliberately prolonged, coherent form, which generates a persistent ...


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Music for Orchestra III
03.11.2017, Vancouver (CDN),