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Nikolai Badinski

Nikolai Badinski

Critical Reviews:

His music is far from mere contrivance and shows a true creative impulse...all these compositions, while uncompromisingly ‚modern’, seem to aim at giving contemporary music a human voice. (Record Reviews, 1981)

The concerto (Violin Concerto Nr.3) was very successfully performed as world premiere with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra under Cristobal Halffter and Christiane Edinger as soloist. (Deutsche Tagespost, 1980)

Nikolai Badinski has created a remarkable and rich oeuvre. (Radio France, 1982)

His music has really a truly new sonority. (Radio RAI, 1981)

Badinski´s music displays an exciting richness of invention, an abundance of constructive solutions and a securely mastered professional knowledge. (Prof. Letschev at the Musical Weeks of Sofia, 1974)

Nikolai Badinski is a recognised composer of serious music; his works extend from symphonies over violin concertos, ballet music and small orchestral pieces, to chamber music for sometimes unusual instrumentation. (Die Tat, 1974)