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Deutsche Grammophon: Pierre Boulez12 Notations: The concentrated pungency of the sequence embraces whimsical to aggressive, here brought off with total commitment by Pierre-Laurent Aimard, who reveals that each is a gem.

Le Marteau sans maître: the linear and crystalline [piece] seems to meld Debussy and Webern while setting Char’s surrealist prose.

Eclat-Multiples: music that glitters and contains many rhythmic intricacies.

Improvisé – pour le Dr. K.: compelling, whirling and swirling, a touching 80th-birthday present.

Rituel in memoriam Bruno Maderna: a time-obsessed, spatial masterpiece of increasing complexity

Répons: pulsating, colourful and totally engaging – with a sonic shock when the electronics kick in to enlarge the instruments’ dimensions and capability.

Dérive 2: The music’s sheer energy and incident is exhilarating in itself. Playing continuously one might hear Dérive 2 as being in three sections (of roughly 20, 15 and 10 minutes respectively), the middle one being a "slow movement" of alluring fantasy-like reflection. The energetic "first movement" is sustained over many stimulating pages, and the "finale", when reached, is something of an accelerating recapitulation to the full-circle culmination, a return to the horn’s "A" (now augmented) that launches the piece, to close a journey of considerable thrall.

sur Incises: an active and gleaming score, its ideas lucid, their development a rollercoaster of endeavour.

Dialogue de l'ombre double: a fascinating dialogue between a solo clarinettist (Damiens) and his recorded double.

Excerpt from Colin Anderson,, 9 June 2013

"Pierre Boulez: Complete Works" on Deutsche Grammophon