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Vykintas Baltakas

The Composer

1972 – born on 10 July in Vilnius/Lithuania

1990–1993 – Vilnius Music Academy (composition studies with Vytautas Barkauskas, conducting with Lionginas Abarius);
Founder and conductor of the vocal ensemble “Penki vejai”, as well as the chamber choir “Aidija” in Vilnius

1990 – Second Prize at the Youth Conductors’ Competition in Kaunas

1991 – Third Prize at the Composers’ Competition “Jauna Muzika” in Vilnius

1993 – Prize at the conductors’ course “Extreme” in Mürzzuschlag (Austria)

1993–1997 – University of Music Karlsruhe (composition studies with Wolfgang Rihm, conducting with Andreas Weiss)

1994 – Centre Acanthes in Avignon

1994–1995 – ...


About the Music

Vykintas Baltakas is a composer, conductor, programmer and curator, also in the field of electronic music.

He actively participates in the programming of new music both in his capacity as a conductor and in cooperation with his ensemble the Lithuanian Ensemble Network.

Baltakas was born on 10 July 1972 in Vilnius/Lithuania. The date and place of his birth have played a decisive role in his life: he was born late enough to profit as a young man from the freedom and openness of his native country. If you look at his biography, you will be struck by his restless mobility. Mobile as far as his ceaseless activities are concerned even before leaving Vilnius to continue his studies in the West ...


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