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Rihm, Wolfgang (*1952)

De profundis (2015)
for choir and orchestra | 15′
2 2 2 2 - 2 2 2 1 - perc(2), str(12 10 8 6 4)

The first two words of Psalm 130 ("Out of the depths I cry unto thee, Lord") are the title of Rihm's new work for chorus and orchestra. As in Deus passus, Rihm talks again here about finalities with a deceptively simplified musical language; waiving technical difficulties does not at all preclude profound utterance - as so often, the apparent simplicity is actually the difficulty.

Duo Concerto (2015)
for violin, violoncello and orchestra | 25′
2 2 3 2 - 2 1 1 0 - perc, hp, str

WP 15.10.2015, Carnegie Hall New York / USA, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Mira Wang, vln; Jan Vogler, vc

Reminiszenz (Hamburg) (2016)
Triptychon und Spruch in memoriam Hans Henny Jahnn for tenor and large orchestra | 15′
3 3 3 3 - 4 3 3 1 - timp, perc(4), hp, org, str

Chamber Orchestra/Ensemble/Chamber Music

Rihm, Wolfgang (*1952)

Dort wie hier (2015)
Zyklus aus einem Heine-Gedicht for baritone and piano | 18′

WP 20.09.2016, Kölner Philharmonie Köln / Germany, Georg Nigl, bar; Alexander Melnikov, pno

New in the UE catalogue

Funde im Verscharrten (2015)
for baritone with soprano and piano | 10′

WP 06.07.2015, Regentenbau Bad Kissingen / Germany, Sarah Mzali-Aristidou, s; Wolfgang Holzmair, bar; Jan Philip Schulze, pno

In line with the motto of the Kissinger Sommer in 2015 - "European Neighbours", the "LiederWerkstatt" (song workshop) with Wolfgang Rihm and 6 other composers was given the task of addressing the contrast between near and far, strange and familiar, from Romanticism to the present day. In "Funde im Verscharrten" Rihm set four poems by the Swedish writer Gunnar Ekelöf, who is among the most significant Swedish 20th-century lyricists, for baritone with soprano and piano. The poems were translated into German by Nelly Sachs.

Geste zu Vedova (2015)
for string quartet | 11′

WP 21.10.2015, Fondazione Vedova Venedig / Italy, Minguet Quartett

Vedova's work is shaped by positing. Boldly articulated verticals remain above all in the memory - are they the residue of blows? - of architecture? - black characters in turmoil. I wanted to respond musically with similar designs. Vedova's physical appearance also had something of a flaming vertical aspect for me; he seemed like a stroke of black lightning driving into the ground. Or was he the trace of a sudden eruption? His work was like that: vibration of strength, energy, vector of an eminently deliberate historic consciousness. A gigantic reservoir of highly reflective Venetian art seems to explode through Vedova's rigour and wildness: over the surface and beyond - into space. The Plurimi turn space into rhythm like a mighty musical energy as Vedova pinpoints its seismograms. A quickened self - I myself? - hails from afar with a gesture which is only an aftershock. (Wolfgang Rihm)

Toccata capricciosa (2014-2015)
for piano | 10′

WP 26.01.2016, Grand Auditorium Luxembourg / Luxembourg, Cathy Krier, pno

New in the UE catalogue

Vocal and choral works

Rihm, Wolfgang (*1952)

Missa brevis (2015)
for choir a cappella | 20′

WP 11.03.2017, Prinzregententheater München / Germany, Dir. Rupert Huber