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Gustav Mahler 2010 / 2011 – the handbook for concert programming

In preparation for the two Mahler memorial years 2010 (150th birthday) and 2011 (100th anniversary of death), Universal Edition has produced a brochure which gives an overview of the works of Gustav (and Alma) Mahler, and also draws attention to several interesting arrangements, some the work of famous hands. In addition, the brochure also presents works by other composers which make direct or indirect reference to Mahler.

Here is a PDF version of the Gustav Mahler brochure. For a printed copy, please contact our promotion department at

To accompany this special publication, the following documents have been made available for free download:

Thematic Analyses by Richard Specht

(facsimiles of the original publications - in German)

Symphony No. 1 (1921)
Symphony No. 2 (1916)
Symphony No. 3 (1916)
Symphony No. 4 (1920)
Symphony No. 8 (1912)
(Download all five texts in a single ZIP-file)

Thematic Analysis by Josef Venantius von Wöss

(facsimile of the original publication - in German)
Das Lied von der Erde (1912)

Bernd Feuchtner

Comparison of the Cooke and Barshai versions of the 10th Symphony
(also available in German and Spanish)

Mahler articles from the ‘Musikblättern des Anbruch’ (in German)

Brod, Max: Gustav Mahlers jüdische Melodien. 1920 (10) pp. 378 ff.
Bauer-Lechner, Natalie: Mahler-Aussprüche. 1920 (7–8) pp. 306–309.
Wiesengrund-Adorno, Theodor: Mahler heute. 1930 (3) pp. 86–92.
Wellesz, Egon: Mahlers Instrumentation. 1930 (3) pp. 106–110.
Mahler, Alma Maria: Mahlers unvollendete Symphonie. 1923 (10) p. 281.
(Download all five texts in a single ZIP-file)

The full contents of the Musikblätter des Anbruch are available on CD-ROM for EUR 52.50.

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