Universal Edition - David Sawer – Piano Concerto

David Sawer

David Sawer
Piano Concerto

Entstehungsjahr: 2001-2002
Instrumentierung: für Klavier und Orchester
Komponist: David Sawer
Solo: Klavier
Besetzung: 3 2 3 2 - 4 3 3 1 - Pk, Schl(3), Hf, Cel, Str(8 6 6 6 6)
Besetzung Details:
1. Flöte
2. Flöte (+Picc
3. Flöte (+Picc)
1. Oboe
2. Oboe (+Eh)
kleine Klarinette in Es
Klarinette in B
Bassklarinette in B
1. Fagott
2. Fagott (+Kfg)
1. Horn in F
2. Horn in F
3. Horn in F
4. Horn in F
1. Trompete in C
2. Trompete in B
3. Trompete in B
1. Posaune
2. Posaune
3. Posaune
Violine I
Violine II
Auftraggeber: Commissioned by the BBC Promenade Concerts
Dauer: 16′
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Piano Concerto


Ort: Royal Albert Hall London / Großbritannien
Datum: 23.07.2002
Orchester: BBC Symphony Orchestra
Dirigent: Leonard Slatkin
Hauptsolisten: Rolf Hind, pn


“At its opening, soloist Rolf Hind tinkled lightly at the highest keys, while low brass rumbled ominous and distant disapproval. Solo instrument and ensemble had different plans of action, and while the brass led the orchestra into passages of loose-limbed, almost jazzy rhythms, the piano rushed to fill the interstices with its elaborate filigrees.

“Momentum increased, generating fractured syncopations that pulsed through the orchestra. The realisation dawned that this was music you might actually want to dance to, yet it wasn’t minimalism or crossover, nor an evocation, nostalgic or otherwise, of pre-existing forms. Sawer’s title for the movement, ‘Dancing on the ledge’, aptly described the highvelocity vertigo it induced.

Eventually Hind hammered out a sustained low note that ushered in ‘Scape’, the slow movement. Short brass crescendos seemed to grow from the overtones of the piano’s well spaced notes as they hovered in the air. While the piano found brief companionship with harp and bells, the strings shuddered hesitantly to life before the opening movement’s staccato rhythms erupted once more in a brief but exuberant final flourish.” (Nick Kimberley, The Independent)


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