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Licensing & Clearing

For information about our works and composers please visit our section on Composers and Works.

For enquiries please use the following contact details:

  • Please send general enquiries to
  • Please direct enquiries regarding arrangement permission (new orchestrations, translations) and reprints to or use the arrangements, reprint, electronic reprint and photo reprint on the right side of this page (licensing request).
  • Requests for a performance licence or choreography:
    Depending on the country of the performance please contact our representative for the respective country: Click here. If we have no representative in your country please send an email to
  • Please direct requests to license music in films to or use the film form on the right side of this page (licensing request).
  • When using music in films you must also clear the copyright with the respective local copyright agency and the master rights with the CD label.
  • Requests to license the use of Caspar Neher’s stage settings for works by Weill/Brecht:
    Click here.
  • Projections in performances:
  • Reprints in programme books, magazines, CD-booklets etc.:

The rights to all photographs and sound recordings on this website are administered by Universal Edition unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions relating to these issues, please contact

Universal Edition has made extensive efforts to clarify all rights relating to photographs, texts and soundclips. In the event that any rights have been incorrectly attributed please contact