Universal Edition - Arvo Pärt: featured composer at the LIACCC

Arvo Pärt: featured composer at the LIACCC

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 21 June 2017


Arvo Pärt is featured composer of this year’s London International A Cappella Choral Competition (LIACCC), which runs from 25 June until 1 July. This year 16 choirs from 11 countries will be competing. Each group must prepare one work by featured composer Arvo Pärt, one piece of Renaissance Polyphony, plus music of the group’s own choice.

A highlight of the event will the concert by Peter Phillips and the Tallis Scholars on Friday 30 June, when they will be performing Arvo Pärt’s Nunc Dimittis and Triodion.

The Tallis Scholars: Arvo Pärt: Tintinnabuli; GimellIn 2015 the Tallis Scholars’ released their highly acclaimed CD Arvo Pärt: Tintinnabuli. Visit the website of Gimell to read the liner notes and listen to excerpts of the recording’s 23 tracks.

The composer on Arvo Pärt: Tintinnabuli:

I am delighted to hear of this CD's success. I have been very impressed not only by The Tallis Scholars' excellent and precise interpretation but also by the way this recording is presented, it proves a deep understanding of the system on which my compositions are based. An exemplary, flawless project which gives me much pleasure.

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