Universal Edition - Open Spaces in Salzburg

Open Spaces in Salzburg

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 09 August 2017

Georg Friedrich Haas (c) Yasuko Ueda-Haas

Martin Grubinger (c) Felix BroedeOpen Spaces has connections with the music of the American composer James Tenney, who died in 2006, and whose musical thinking and radical compositions have exercised a strong influence on my work. In Open Spaces I make use of Tenney’s technique of freely ‘wandering’ between the notes of an overtone chord, as well as the slow glissando in a gentle tremolo from his solo violin piece KOAN. (Georg Friedrich Haas)

On 11 August Peter Rundel conducts the œnm at the sold-out performance of Georg Friedrich Haas’ Open Spaces at this year’s Salzburg Festival. On percussion: virtuoso Martin Grubinger.

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