Universal Edition - Francis Burt: New work

2012-03-28 11:33

Francis Burt: New work

Arnold Schönberg Center

Francis Burt (c) Universal Edition/Eric MarinitschIn the 1950s Francis Burt composed the full-length opera Volpone (based on a play by the English writer Ben Jonson), which was premiered in 1960 in Stuttgart. The first song in the opera, the appearance of the three jesters (Androgyno, Nano the Dwarf and Buffone the Clown), served him as a model for a new ensemble piece, the Variations on an old song. A fool’s song without words.

Francis Burt: Variations on an old song

for clarinet, viola, accordion and double bass
World première: 28/03/2012, Vienna
Ensemble Wiener Collage

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