Universal Edition - New production of Lulu

2013-02-04 13:18

New production of Lulu


“She was created to incite to sin, to lure, seduce, poison—yea, murder, in a manner no man knows.” (Frank Wedekind, Erdgeist)

Alban Berg's first inspiration for the composition of the opera Lulu proved a decisive experience for the twenty-year-old composer. On 29 May 1905 he saw a performance of Frank Wedekind’s Büchse der Pandora staged by Karl Kraus in Vienna, and was entranced by the play's uninhibited sensuality and sexuality – a theme which still grips audiences today.

The première of David Pountney’s new production of Alban Berg’s Lulu (arranged by Kloke) takes place on 8 February at the Wales Millenium Centre.

David Pountney’s Blog grants a look behind the scenes.

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