Universal Edition - Rihm: Das Gehege in Amsterdam

2011-12-07 15:28

Rihm: Das Gehege in Amsterdam


Hellen Kwon (c) ncIn his monodrama Das Gehege (The enclosure), Wolfgang Rihm presents a sympathetic portrait of a woman lost to a world of her own dreams. Once again, Rihm shows himself to be a virtuosic interpreter of the complex female psyche. The work is based on a scene from Botho Strauß’ play Schlusschor. Full of sympathy for a caged eagle, a woman undresses in front of the mute bird, then frees it, curses it and finally kills it.

Rihm creates a finely woven atmosphere rich in desire with outbursts of intense energy. This “Nocturnal scene for soprano and orchestra” was premièred in 2006 in Munich and can now be heard for the first time in the Netherlands – as part of the Rihm series at the ZaterdagMatinee.

Listen live at 1pm (Amsterdam time) on Dutch Radio4

Wolfgang Rihm: Das Gehege
Dutch première: 10.12.2011
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Part of the Rihm series at the ZaterdagMatinee
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest
Conductor: Edo de Waart
Hellen Kwon, soprano

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