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Igudesman & Joo

Are you ready to play some Igudesman & Joo yourself? The time has finally arrived where you can cause musical mayhem and play "A Little Nightmare Music".

Fasten seatbelts and enjoy the flight!

Aleksey Igudesman presents the sheet music of his amazing violin concert pieces for high-flyers from his show 'Fasten Seatbelts'.

Mozart à la Igudesman

Well-known pieces by Mozart, à la the inimitable Aleksey Igudesman, for two violins - to play, entertain and enjoy. An unusual addition to your sheet music library.

Horoscope Preludes

Aleksey Igudesman presents twelve contrasting pieces – each inspired by the star signs.

Miles & More

10 moderate-level original duets that all violinists should have in their cases – and not only when they are on the road!

Asia & More

“No matter which genre of music Aleksey draws us into, he always manages to capture the essence of the musical language and does so in his uniquely clever and joyful way.”

Celtic & More Violin Duets

Janine Jansen und Aleksey Igudesman with 400 children on stage at the Concertgebouw