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Francis Burt (1926–2012)

Francis Burt died on 3 October 2012 at the age of 86.

Francis Burt: New work

On 28 March Francis Burt's latest composition Variationen eines alten Liedes for clarinet, viola, accordion and double bass can be heard at the Arnold Schönberg Center. Performers: Ensemble Wiener Collage.

Francis Burt: New work for ensemble

On 23 November Franis Burt's new work for ensemble Mohn and Gedächtnis will receive its world première during the Wien Modern festival. Emilio Pomàrico conducts Klangforum Wien.

Wien Modern (28/10–25/11)

From 28 October to 25 November, Vienna is once again the centre of contemporary music. Austria and Britain are the focus of this year’s festival.