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The Makropulos Case at the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Universal Edition’s critical new edition of The Makropulos Case will have its Hong Kong première on 23 February.

Viennese Sonatinas

These well-made arrangements of the Vienniese Sonatinas for flute and piano are perfect for first encounters with the classical repertoire.

Choral Works

George Arthur has directed choirs to wide critical acclaim, with a particular focus on musicality and thorough interpretation.

Child's Play - For Clarinet

These stimulating new pieces from James Rae with a few added well-known favourites, will take the younger clarinet beginner from day 1 to grade 1-2. Fun illustrations will amuse and inspire the soloist!

Arvo Pärt Festival in Portland

The Cappella Romana presents the first-ever music festival in North America that is dedicated to the music of Arvo Pärt. It runs from 5 to 12 February in Portland, Oregon.

in vain: the most beautiful work of the new millennium

“Classic Voice” announced Georg Friedrich Haas’ work in vain to be the “most beautiful score of the new millennium”.

Sixth year running

Arvo Pärt is still the most performed living composer.

Mozart Week 2017

The Mozart Week 2017 runs from 26 January until 5 February in Salzburg.

Prélude for piano in C-sharp minor

Rachmaninoff’s most famous piano work as urtext edition. The present new edition compares the differences between autograph and first edition on the basis of the composer's recordings.

A Major Sonata For Piano

Mozart’s famous A major sonata in a new edition and with a new sound. This edition is based upon the latest research into original documents.

From Bach to Schoenberg

200 Years of Piano Music from Bach to Schoenberg  – A Pianist’s Anthology of Performance Repertoire in the Urtext Version.

44 Duos for 2 violoncellos

The “44 Duos“ for two cellos by Béla Bartók will familiarize players with the most significant elements of folk music from Hungary and the surrounding area, introducing them to Bartók's very own tonal language.

You must remember this...

From “As Time Goes By“ to “Chicago“, these easy to middle-grade pieces will be a delight for clarinettists of any age and their audiences.

Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm

Béla Bartók’s Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm of his Mikrokosmos reflect manifold influences of Balkan folk music on the composer's oeuvre.

Dialogues: Borders

The DIALOGUES festival takes place from 30 November until 4 December under the guiding theme “Borders”.

A Little Night Music

The international popularity of Mozart's Little Night Music proves that music is a truly a universal language. The pleasant, much-loved melodies have introduced people all over the world to classical music.

Four Evenings in Venice

Four atmospheric, easy to intermediate-level compositions for violin and piano.

Songs for Winter and Christmas

Excellent easy arrangements of well-known traditional winter songs and Christmas carols for recorder quartet.

Wien Modern 29

The first edition of Wien Modern under the new artistic direction of Bernhard Günther runs from 30 October until 30 November.

Max Beckschäfer

Five Latin Christmas motets for four-part mixed choir.