Universal Edition - Pärt documentary: Even if I Lose Everything

Pärt documentary: Even if I Lose Everything

Posted by Johannes Feigl on 16 Juli 2015 (Kommentare: 14)

Arvo Pärt: Even if I lose everything

Arvo Pärt: Even if I lose everythingFilm director Dorian Supin has accompanied Arvo Pärt over the course of several years with his camera. The resulting documentary (working title: “Even if I Lose Everything”) will be premièred this autumn on the occasion of Arvo Pärt’s 80th birthday.

The September issue of the Universal Edition MusikSalon, which will be dedicated to the composer, will feature a preview of the film as well as an extensive interview with the director.


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Kommentar von vg | 2015-08-19

I can not wait. to see this. I will be extraordinary.

Kommentar von Nicholas | 2015-09-10

I hope this is beautiful work will be released on DVD or BluRay.

Kommentar von Johannes Feigl | 2015-09-11

Dear Nicholas,

We just got word from Dorian, the director - the DVD is to come, but we haven't got a definitive release date yet.

Best from UE,

Kommentar von Sherry | 2015-11-14

I would love to buy the DVD when it becomes available. Let me know how to do that. Blessings

Kommentar von Constantino | 2015-12-02

today was my discovery of this beautiful music!

Kommentar von Gonçalo Pimentel | 2015-12-14

Where can we get this doc? Thanks!

Kommentar von Luis López | 2016-02-02

I am looking forward for the release of the DVD or Blue-Ray, too!

Kommentar von Mark Abdey | 2016-02-17

I am very much looking forward to seeing more of Dorian Supin's wonderful work focused on Arvo Part... I love 24 Preludes For A Fugue, finding it deeply touching and inspirational and therefore will check often for a release of “Even if I Lose Everything” on Blu Ray... with great anticipation.

Kommentar von silvia | 2016-02-26

I would love to buy the DVD when it becomes available. Let me know how to do that. Blessings

Kommentar von Universal Edition | 2016-03-01

We'll let you know as soon as soon as we know more about the release of the DVD!


Kommentar von Maria | 2016-03-28

It is possible to see this amazing documentary online...??? If not; where I can find the DVD in Ecuador... Thanks ;)

Kommentar von Johannes Feigl | 2016-04-21

News from the filmmakers:

"Good News for the friends of Arvo Pärt and his music!
We’re happy to tell you that the DVD of the Arvo Pärt documentary „Arvo Pärt – even if I lose everything“ is there! The 89-minute film is available both in PAL and NTSC system. The package includes also a booklet of 32 pages in English with the essential texts of the film, lots of photos, Arvo Pärt’s biography and a presentation of ECM NEW SERIES discs. At the moment the DVD is available at our office. If you wish to buy it, please send us an email to"

Kommentar von Tauno | 2016-05-02

You can order it from here

Kommentar von Mark Abdey | 2016-05-10

Will the DVD be distributed in the UK?