Universal Edition - A new production of Cerha’s opera Baal

2011-09-29 17:41

A new production of Cerha’s opera Baal

Vienna Neue Oper

On 29 September, the Vienna Neue Oper presents a new production of Friedrich Cerha’s opera Baal, based on the play of the same name by Bertolt Brecht. The opera received its world première at the Salzburg Festival in 1981. “Baal’s motivation is the vital, unadulterated, human desire for happiness; the search for ‘a better place’, as it says in his last song. He looks for it here, as he’s ‘bound to an earthly existence’, and in doing so comes up against all kinds of boundaries.” (Friedrich Cerha)

Walter Kobéra conducts the Amadeus Ensemble in a production directed by Leo Krischke. Further performances are on 2, 7 and 8 October.

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