Universal Edition - All together easy Ensemble!

2016-05-11 16:48

All together easy Ensemble!

Flexible four-part concert pieces

All together easy Ensemble! is a series of flexible arrangements of well-known pieces for students venturing forth into ensemble playing for the first time.

The parts are of equal importance and are written within a comfortable range for each instrument. An optional piano part is included, to enhance the ensemble if necessary and parts are included for a wide range of instrumentations.

The 2nd movement of Haydn's 'Surprise' Symphony always raises a smile and of course 'The Blue Danube' is a firm favourite. These, together with the French song 'Sur le Pont D'Avignon' and James Rae's own 'Hot Rock', provide a varied choice of styles for school ensemble sessions and concerts.

James Rae
All together easy Ensemble! – Volume 5
UE 21584

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