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2011-05-31 12:02

Baltakas: world première

Vilnius Festival 2011

Vilnius FestivalOn 2 June the Vilnius Festival 2011 presents the world première of Vykintas Baltakas Commentum for cello and piano. The soloists are David Geringas (cello) and Ian Fountain (piano).

Baltakas writes the following about the new work:

“commentum: ‘comment, interpretation, invention, fabrication, fiction’, in classical Latin; neut. pp. of comminisci ‘to contrive, devise’, from com-, intensive prefix + base of meminisse (to remember).

Commentum is a free rendition of Chopin’s Introduction after listening to it again. Without any alterations, predilections or attempts at ‘modernisation’, but rather like a spontaneous expression of one’s personal opinion.

The piece was written for David Geringas and Ian Fountain as a commission from the Vilnius Festival.”(Vykintas Baltakas)

View the full score of the Commentum here:

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