Universal Edition - Beaumont and Zemlinsky

2017-06-14 11:14

Beaumont and Zemlinsky

Teatro de la Maestranza, Sevilla

Alexander Zemlinsky (c) Universal Edition, ed. Johannes Feigl

The Mermaid, scoreThe original version builds to a wild climax, bordering on hysteria, and disrupts the formal balance of the entire work. The revised version passes elegantly over the agony and ecstasy of Andersen’s tragic story, as if to say, ‘The rest is silence’. (Antony Beaumont on The Mermaid)

Over the last years the critical and practical new editions of Antony Beaumont have returned Alexander Zemlinsky’s oeuvre to international stages.

The Spanish première of The Mermaid will be performed on 15 and 16 June under JoAnn Falletta at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Sevilla.

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